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Intelligent Internet of things overall solution based on GPRS+ bluetooth technology

In the mobile transportation environment of the factory, real-time monitoring is needed to monitor the operating status and other data of the environmental temperature equipment. However, in these environments, wired communication conditions cannot be provided, and the data center can only use wireless communication for on-site data collection and equipment control. In addition, when the equipment needs field management and maintenance, the traditional way needs to open or even close the equipment, which brings great problems to the monitoring operation and maintenance.

Based on GPRS+ bluetooth technology, the collected data can not only be transmitted to the data center through GPRS; At the same time, in the case of no cloud connection, monitoring, management and maintenance can also be carried out directly through bluetooth terminal, without cumbersome operations such as disassembly of device connection.

The data collected from the collection point is transmitted to the cloud platform management in a wireless way. The cloud supports device monitoring, data analysis, device management and other functions, and customers can actually monitor and manage through the web page or mobile APP. The system can be integrated with other devices, directly monitored and maintained by bluetooth through the built-in bluetooth module of the gateway, and can be easily managed without GPRS signal.

Internet of things solutions for greenhouses:
With the change of weather, the temperature in the greenhouse will also be greatly affected, real-time grasp of the temperature change in the greenhouse is crucial to the greenhouse planting. Through GPRS Temperature Sensor, the real-time greenhouse temperature data is transmitted to the cloud, and the farm administrator can monitor the greenhouse temperature change at any time through the mobile phone. At the same time, combined with historical weather data and greenhouse temperature change data, through big data processing, the influence of weather on greenhouse temperature can be obtained, so as to prevent in advance and improve greenhouse efficiency. Based on this scheme, users can upgrade and maintain the equipment within 50 meters of the collection point, significantly improving management efficiency.
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