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Working principles of wireless temperature humidity monitoring system

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System summaries:

The Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System is composed of measuring point terminal, management host, uninterruptible power supply and related software.

Each measuring point terminal can collect, transmit and alarm real-time data of ambient temperature and humidity.

The management host can collect, process and record the monitoring data of each measuring point terminal, and has the alarm function.

Each warehouse should be equipped with a certain number of temperature monitoring probes and connected with the system management host.

It can connect with enterprise computer data, store and query automatically.

1. Temperature monitoring probe should be installed in a relatively fixed position, and should be connected with the computer in real time. It is suggested that mobile monitoring probe should not be used.

2. Temperature monitoring system should be tested or verified, corrected, confirmed and calibrated regularly. The locations of the test points should be confirmed by the test, which can accurately reflect the temperature of the reservoir area.

3. Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring System Should Be Verified

4. The system keeps running independently and uninterruptedly. No linkage with temperature and humidity control facilities and equipment

5. Monitoring and Recording
(1) Real-time monitoring is updated every 1 minute
(2) History query: automatic record every 30 minutes
(3) When the temperature exceeds the standard: record automatically every 2 minutes

6. Alarm
(1) Synchronized acoustooptic alarm
(2) Central monitor screen alarm
(3) Mobile phone short message alarm

7. Monitoring Data Requirements: True, Complete, Accurate and Effective
(1) Daily backup and safe keeping
(2) No reverse import shall be allowed;
(3) Data may not be altered or deleted

8. Composition of automatic monitoring system:
(1) Choose the location of installation point, wiring and installing temperature and humidity probe in the field.
(2) One computer, XP Win7 system is available
(3) One set of short message alarm and one set of sound and light alarm on the spot
(4) TOPDAQ Software Set
(5) Communication Interface Converter Head

9. The main functions of the system are as follows:
(1) Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data at various monitoring points;
(2) Automatic recording;
(3) Short message on-site alarm;
(4) Client query;
(5) Remote management;
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