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Wireless Temp Monitoring System


The wireless temp monitoring system is an Internet of Things terminal equipment which integrates temperature collection, wireless transmission, real-time remote temperature monitoring, short message control, temperature alarm and other functions. Generally, it has the characteristics of compact equipment, long power supply time and intuitive display. It is mainly used for temperature monitoring of food and drug refrigeration, refrigeration and transportation. It is suitable for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cold chain logistics, heating and other industries with high temperature requirements.

Wireless monitoring system mainly has the functions of data acquisition and transmission, data analysis and processing, data storage and retrieval, data table display and print output, real-time control and alarm.

Application plan

At present, the wireless temp monitoring system mainly provides solutions for cold-chain logistics temperature monitoring and food storage industries. It is a cold-chain monitoring scheme based on Internet of Things technology. It provides a set of related solutions, providing monitoring, early warning, analysis, data storage and other services for the quality and safety problems of drugs and food in production, transportation, distribution, storage and other links.

The monitoring scheme realizes the real-time monitoring of the temperature of drugs in the process of transportation and distribution of cold chain logistics, or alarms when the temperature exceeds the standard. It can also record the temperature changes in the process of transportation and distribution, so as to help analyze the causes of temperature changes, provide the most direct help to solve the problem of temperature changes, and also help to identify the responsibility of quality accidents.

The safe storage of grain is a strategic event related to the national economy and people's livelihood. It has important social significance and economic value to ensure grain scientifically. The grain warehouse monitoring system mainly completes the functions of collecting, storing, transmitting data to the monitoring center and executing the instructions of the monitoring center for the parameters of grain temperature, humidity and gas concentration.
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