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Why Do Data Centers Control Temperature and Humidity?

As we all know, creating an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity is essential for a data center to function well. Only when the temperature and humidity are suitable can the equipment in the data center operate normally and have a longer service life. Therefore, data center temperature and humidity monitoring is very important.

1. Influence of high temperature on equipment operation

(1) The relationship between temperature and mean trouble-free operation time-- the rule of 10 ℃

As the density of electronic components used in modern electronic equipment is getting higher and higher, thermal coupling between components is generated through conduction, radiation and convection. Therefore, thermal stress has become the most important factor affecting the aging of electronic components. For some circuits, reliability is almost entirely dependent on the thermal environment.

(2) Influence of high temperature on components

A. Semiconductor devices.

Electronic components produce a lot of heat when working, it will make integrated circuits and transistors and other semiconductor devices form crystallization if there is no effective measures to heat in time. And this crystallization is a key factor that directly affect the performance, working characteristics and reliability of computers.

B. Capacitors.

The main effects of temperature on capacitors are it would increase water evaporation in electrolytic capacitor electrolyte, reduce its capacity, shorten its service life, change the dielectric loss of capacitors and affect the change of its power factor and other parameters. According to the experiment, when the work in excess of the prescribed temperature, the temperature will increase 10 ℃ with a 50% drop in its service time.

2. Influence of low temperature on IT equipment operation

Low temperatures also cause problems with IT equipment operations, insulation materials and batteries. When the temperature of the machine room is too low, some IT equipment will not be able to operate normally.

(1) The machine room temperature is too low to operate the equipment.

When the room ambient temperature is below 5 ℃, communications equipment will not be able to run normally. And when the computer room environment temperature is lower than to 40 ℃, lead-acid battery can not provide energy.

(2) Insulating materials

At low temperature, the insulant will become hard and brittle, so that the structural strength of the same weakened. For the bearing and mechanical transmission parts, the viscous phenomenon occurs caused by the increase of the viscosity due to the cold condensation of the lubricating oil. When the temperature is too low, the solder with high tin content will decompose, which will reduce the strength of the electrical connection and even cause the breakdown of welding and short circuit.

3. Influence of humidity on IT equipment operation

Generally, the working environment of IT equipment requires a humidity of 40-55%. If the humidity exceeds 65%, the humidity is too high, over 80% is wet and below 40% is too low (dry air).

4. The influence of high humidity on the operation of IT equipment

When the relative humidity of the air is greater than 65%, the surface of the object adheres to a layer of thickness of 0.001-0.01 μm water film. When humidity is 100%, water film thickness is 10 μm. Such a water film is easy to cause "conductive path" or arc, which will seriously reduce the reliability of the circuit.
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