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What is the Principle and Core of the Iot Technology?

The principle of the iot technology is actually based on the computer Internet, using RFID, wireless data communication and other technologies to construct an "Internet of Things" covering tens of thousands of buildings around the world. In this network, buildings (objects) can "communicate" with each other without human intervention. Its essence is the use of radio frequency automatic identification (RFID) technology, so as to realize the automatic identification of objects (commodities) and the interconnection and sharing of information through the computer Internet.

The core of the iot technology is still in the cloud, and cloud computing is the technical core to realize the Internet of Things. The three key technologies of the Internet of Things are sensor technology, RFID tag and embedded system technology.

1. The sensor technology

It is a key technology in the computer application. It converts the analog signal in the transmission line into the digital signal which can be processed by the computer.

It's full name is the Radio Frequency Identification, which is a kind of comprehensive technology integrating the Radio Frequency technology and the embedded technology. It will be widely used in automatic identification and the management of goods and logistics in the near future.

3. Embedded system technology
It is a kind of complex technology integrating computer software, computer hardware, sensor technology, integrated circuit technology and electronic application technology.

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