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What is the Internet of Things platform? How to choose the right Internet of Things platform correctly?

Whether you are an Internet of Things enthusiast, an experienced developer, or a senior manager, when facing the dazzling Internet of Things platform, choosing the right one offered by Internet of Things platform providers has always been a tricky task. The purpose of this article is to filter out all kinds of complexities and provide fast and detailed guidelines for your choice of Internet of Things platform. At the same time, it will also provide you with relevant standards on how to evaluate the Internet of Things platform according to your own needs.

First: what is the Internet of Things platform?
In short, the Internet of Things platform offered by Internet of Things platform providers provides you with a variety of comprehensive services needed to connect physical targets to the network. It needs to be able to support synchronous connection of millions of devices and to easily configure machine-to-machine communication.

Second: type of Internet of Things Platform

1. End-to-end Internet of Things Platform
Basically, the end-to-end IoT platform provides tools of hardware, software, connectivity, security and device management, and can handle millions of concurrent device connections. It can also provide all needed hosting integration, including OTA (Over-the-Air Technology) firmware update, device management, cloud connection, mobile modem, and can connect and monitor various online devices.

2. Connection management platform
These platforms provide low power consumption and low-cost connection management schemes through Wi-Fi and cellular network technologies. They cover functions such as hardware connection, cellular network and data routing.

3. Internet of Things Cloud Platform
The cloud platform is designed to help you get rid of the complexity of self-built network stacks and monitor and track the synchronous connection of millions of devices by providing back-end services (as well as other services).

4. Data platform

Although each Internet of Things platform has its own way of processing data. However, they can combine various required tools to realize the management and visualization of equipment data routing and data analysis.
Third: the vertical Internet of Things platform

Of course, classifying various Internet of Things platforms according to a single category is only a simple introduction. As each platform tends to provide more solutions, we need to check what they provide and what they serve on the basis of simple classification.
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