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Ultra-Low Power Wireless Temp Humidity Sensor (LoRa)

Various applications of wireless temperature and humidity collection, especially suitable for medical and food refrigerators.
Acquisition interval can be set (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes)
LCD display
Wireless encryption security is supported.
Transmission network supports Internet/office/industrial private network
Measurement range
-Temperature measurement range: -20 ~+80 ℃
-Humidity measurement range: 0 ~ 100%

he ultra-low power wireless temp humidity sensor reduces the cost of remote temperature and humidity monitoring
Its automatic temperature monitoring is convenient for querying statistics
Easy configuration. Over high or low temperature will stimulate the alarm.
An alternative to wired acquisition system
Solution of Automatic Wireless Temp Humidity Monitoring

WiSensor temp humidity monitoring system uses wireless sensors to provide automatic measurement and monitoring of temperature range. When the temperature and humidity of the monitoring sensor exceed a predetermined temperature range (e.g. cold storage room, machine room, pharmacy, archive room), an automatic alarm can be given. Wireless transmission of temperature and humidity measurement applications can provide historical reports and real-time views of monitoring temperature and humidity.

Application of Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Computer Room.
With the continuous development of computer technology and the extensive use of computer systems, the computer room environment must meet the technical requirements of computer equipment in terms of temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity of the computer room are the necessary conditions for the normal operation of computer equipment. We must install temperature and humidity sensors at reasonable positions in the computer room to realize 24-hour real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity.

Application of Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Industry
Storage of drugs, organs, blood bags, vaccines, etc. at specific temperatures plays an important role in the safety of patients and the quality of patient care in hospitals. Regulators have issued policies on temperature and humidity monitoring for some perishable items stored in hospitals. The solution of temperature and humidity monitoring improves patient safety by monitoring the full visibility of current temperature and humidity and historical temperature.

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