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The Internet of Things Monitoring

The IOT (Internet of Things) monitoring is a comprehensive system with strong preventive ability. Its main functions are transmitting network, monitoring operation platform and real-time dynamic video recording. It will play an important role in many fields, for example, the Internet of Things can monitor and control the dynamic real-time operation of school bus.

The Internet of Things monitoring (IOT) is a comprehensive system with strong preventive ability, which mainly consists of front-end acquisition equipment, transmitting network and monitoring operation platform. Through video monitoring and sound monitoring with its intuitive, accurate, timely information to realize the application of monitoring field (image, video, security, scheduling) and other related aspects, thus realizing the linkage reaction between objects and objects.

The Internet of Things architecture and the software system architecture of the enterprises' electric energy comprehensive monitoring system can realize electric energy measurement, monitoring, statistics and analysis in the production process of manufacturing and processing enterprises. The neural network algorithm of BP is adopted to build a prediction model for enterprise electric energy, which can dynamically monitor the demand and distribution of electric energy load, optimize scheduling, avoid peak load and fill valley load in the enterprise production process, and realize the optimal operation of enterprise production, equipment and energy conservation.

The system can seamlessly integrate and coordinate with enterprises' ERP management system and OA office system. It can further improve the overall utilization efficiency of enterprises' electric energy, effectively improve the comprehensive energy management level, and realize refined production process and intelligent manufacturing. The Internet of Things monitoring system is of certain theoretical and application value.
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