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Smart Wifi Electric Meter Solution

The company of intelligent wifi electric meter using the American Texas Instruments (TI) of TMS320C5409 fixed-point digital signal processing (DSP) chip, with automatic counting, automatic power supply, automatic save the data, automatic alarm, long service life, realize the electricity charge in advance and the characteristics of the time of billing, so as to improve the power efficiency, also realize the user's reasonable to pay.

At present, the electricity charge of the power supply department is still levied by manual door-to-door meter reading of the traditional way of charging, has not been able to adapt to modern life. The original induction meter has the disadvantages of low accuracy, narrow frequency range and single function. Therefore, the development of new wifi electric meter has become an urgent need of the power industry.

MS320C5409 fixed-point digital signal processor, the electricity meter needs to carry on the real-time sampling processing to the input electric energy signal, and because decoding algorithm has the high complexity, requests the CPU should have the high-speed digital signal processing ability. According to this requirement, TMS320C5409 fixed point digital signal processing chip is adopted. The chip USES the advanced super harvard structure, multiple sets of bus structure to realize the parallel processing mechanism, independent of the accumulator, the multiplier and shift of proportion and realize complicated arithmetic, it also has efficient on-chip peripherals, there is a can be used to directly connect with the other chips in the same system of efficient full-duplex MCBSP; An enhanced 8-bit HPI(host interface) that enables communication between processors; A hardware 16 bit timer; Six independent, programmable DMA(direct memory access) channels that transfer data between internal memory, on-chip peripherals, and external memory without affecting CPU operations. The most practical significance is that his performance price has dropped to the level of ordinary single-chip prices.

Rf IC card system consists of reader and rf IC card. The application system operates the card through reader. The card reader synchronizes the short distance communication through the radio frequency signal and provides energy for the chip on the card. The rf IC card responds to the reader's instructions and reports the results of the processing.
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