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Smart Meter Market Development Prospects

Smart meters as legal measuring appliance, it is mainly used for water, heat, gas, electricity and oil, such as the supply of gas or liquid, live in factories, government, community, schools, businesses and other users in the cluster is widely used in many fields, advances the energy saving consciousness of resident, advances the efficiency of the centralized management, conform to the overall direction of economic development.

Smart power consumption meter wireless is important basic equipment for acquiring smart grid data. It is responsible for power data collection, measurement and transmission, and plays a basic role in information integration, analysis and optimization and information description. In recent years, the rapid development of smart grids has driven the demand for wireless meters in China.

The maturity of smart power consumption meter wireless in China depends on the promotion of State Grid corporation. According to the calculation of bidding data, at present, the coverage rate of smart wireless meters in the State Grid area has reached 80%, and the nationwide coverage rate has also reached over 70%. In the first three quarters of 2017, the annual bidding volume of electricity meters of State Grid was 45.59 million, and the cumulative bidding volume reached 542 million.

Smart power consumption meter wireless are the intelligent terminals and data entry points of the smart grid. In order to adapt to the smart grid, smart power consumption meter wireless have a variety of application functions, such as two-way multiple rate metering, real-time user control, multiple data transmission modes and intelligent interaction. The construction of smart wireless meters has brought a broad market demand for smart meters and power information acquisition and processing system products all over the world. Nearly 2 billion smart wireless meters are expected to be installed worldwide by 2020, and smart grids will cover 80 percent of the world's population.

Smart wireless meters play an important role in the integration of smart grid data resources. According to the 12th five-year plan, the Internet of things will be deployed in ten key areas, including smart grid, smart transportation and smart logistics. The total investment in smart grid is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan, ranking first. In August 2015, the first of the seven IoT projects approved by the NDRC, the "national smart grid management iot application demonstration project", was successfully accepted.

After the national energy administration issued by the distribution network construction reform action plan (2015-2020) "proposed" advancing a complete coverage of electricity information collection ", "2020, intelligent wireless meter coverage reached 90%" and "intelligent metering system with smart meters as the carrier, construction, building intelligent service platform, comprehensive support user information interaction, distributed power supply access, electric vehicle charging and discharging, port of port business, such as electric, electric heating, peak encourages users to participate in power grid peel and achieve coordinated with grid interaction."
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