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Significant Advantages of Solar PV Monitoring Solutions

The advantages of this solar-powered wireless communication and video surveillance system are as follows:
1. Solar energy is used for independent power supply, wireless transmission and complete wireless transmission.
2. Components are flexible, compact and convenient for installation and networking.
3. AC/DC power supply mode to meet the needs of various loads;
4. Good safety, low maintenance cost and low cost.

It can achieve rapid installation, short construction time, low investment and good effect. Using this system, we can get rid of the limitation of special geographical environment such as mountains, forests, rivers and open areas, without considering the wiring and construction of power lines and communication optical cables, and thoroughly solve the difficulties of long wiring project cycle, high construction cost and even impossible to achieve, especially for construction sites, reservoirs, dams, river water levels, fishing grounds, forest farms and wildlife activities monitoring.

Wildlife anti-poaching, mining roads and surrounding areas, forest fire prevention, oil and gas pipelines, along railways, highways, tunnels, village roads, scenic spots, golf courses, cultural relics and monuments, outdoor monitoring of large factories, villas, city squares, island monitoring, border monitoring, soldier detection and so on. It can be simply summarized as "three nothingness", that is, no man, no electricity and no network, but it needs real-time monitoring and management and energy saving, zero emission and no pollution.
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