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  • Q Is your company a trade company or manufacturer?
    Manufacturer. Our company is a high-tech company professional in providing one-stop IoT solution for different fields, including IoT system development and internet-enabled devices, data loggers or sensors manufacture.
  • Q What is your minimum order quantity?
    You can even only order 1 piece of our product. But the price may vary depending on the quantity you purchased once.
  • Q What is your payment terms?
    Normally we only accept the 100% advanced payment before delivery. However, if going to the further cooperation, we may negotiate it depending on the purchase volume.
  • Q If I purchase your product and connect it to your IoT system, should I pay extra cloud service fee?
    The product prices already include the permanent cloud service fee, which means if you buy our product you will get the cloud service without any extra cost.
  • Q Can I post the data reported by your product to my own system or website?
    Some of our products (All Wi-Fi based products) can post the data to the server of your own of third party through the open TTL or SSL interface.
  • Q What is your delivery time?
    Depending on the quantity you ordered. Normally for each product, we can have 100 pieces in stock. After fully payment, we will ship the goods out within 3 workdays.
  • Q How to guarantee my transactions safety?
    We have e-store on Alibaba and Ali-express. You can order the products from there and their platform will guarantee the transaction safety for you.
  • Q Any international standard or certificate applied for your product?
    We have CE and RoHS certificate for our product. Our products also comply with the specific IEC standard. You can get the information from the product manual.
  • Q Tell me about the WiFi energy meter.
    The WiFi energy meter can measure and record energy parameters such as Voltage, Current, Active power and Energy, and report these values to our cloud every minute. The meters are widely used in both residential electricity system and solar system.
  • Q How can I see the demo of Iammeter system and app?

    Please visit to view the demo account.

  • Q How many models do you have for the meter?
    We have both single phase (WEM3080) and three phase (WEM3080T) meter. The CT options are as below: WEM3080: 150A, 250A; WEM3080T: 150A, 250A.
  • Q How to quickly install and setup the meter?
    For quickstart document, please visit Quickstart
  • Q What is the specification of the meter?
    For specification and datasheet, please visit DataSheet.
  • Q How much is the meter?
    Please visit our Ali-express store ( for retail price. If you need to purchase in bulk, please feel free to contact us by sending email to for further business.
  • Q How to apply the meter in a solar system
  • Q Can I use this meter in a place without internet
    Yes, you can monitor the data locally via WLAN, no internet needed. Please refer to Local Monitoring for details.
  • Q We don't want to use Iammeter cloud. Can I integrate the meter's reading to our own server?
    Yes, the meter can transfer the data to your server by setting TCP or SSL parameters. In this way, you don't need to register on Iammeter and the meter's data will not store on Iammeter cloud. Please refer to for details.
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