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WiFi Energy Meter

  • Single Phase WiFi Energy Meter

    Single Phase WiFi Energy Meter

    Meter-WiFi (Single Phase) is a Din rail, Bidirectional, Wi-Fi Energy Meter/Wi-Fi Electricity Monitor. It is highly-integrated, single-phased power meter with Wi-Fi module embedd... View More
  • Three Phase WiFi Energy Meter

    Three Phase WiFi Energy Meter

    WEM3080T is a Din rail, there phase Wi-Fi Energy Meter/Wi-Fi Electricity Monitor. It can be easily installed and fit neatly inside your electricity panel, and provides insight into your energy consumption and analysis through our dedicated Online Energy View More

Product Introduction

With this WiFi Energy Meter, you can easily track the electricity usage of your home, company or factory with Iammeter ( It can help you monitor and analyze your energy consumption in real-time, save your electricity bills. If you have a solar system, this meter can also help track the entire energy flow of the system. The system tells how much energy your solar system is producing, how much excessive energy are exporting to the grid or how much your loads are consuming from grid or your solar system. The system can generate the electricity bills as per the power tariff and billing method you set. It can also show you the income report of your solar system.

With our helpful set of features, you can take energy understanding to a whole new level, helping you eliminate energy waste which can save customers over 20% on their electricity bills or understand better the performance of your solar system.

Key Functions
  • Track your home energy usage or the entire energy flow of your solar system anytime from anywhere
  • Monitor two-way current (for example, “To Grid” and “From Grid” energy) by only one bi-directional meter 
  • Real-time data monitoring of power consumption (voltage, current, energy, power...) via your home WiFi network
  • Visualized real-time data and historical data for analysis and easy understanding
  • 2-pole DIN-rail mounting fits neatly in the meter box
  • Easy installation and setup by licensed electrician
  • OEM service for design and customization of your own monitoring system
  • Open API for perfect integration to your own server or the platform of third party
Typical Application
Home Electricity Usage Monitoring With the WiFi energy meter and Iammter cloud or app, you can easily track your home electricity usage and get the electricity bill on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The comprehensive report generated by the system can provide you the details and comprehensive analysis from different dimensions about your home electricity usage.
Home Electricity Usage Monitoring
Solar System Energy Monitoring​ With the bi-directional WiFi energy meter and Iammter cloud or app, you can monitor the entire energy flow of your solar system. You can track the energy exported to/imported from your grid and the energy produced by solar system. The system provides you the billing report for grid consumption and income report of exported energy from your solar to grid.
Solar System Energy Monitoring​
Home Automation The WiFi energy meter has the open API interface for easily integration with your own server or the platform of the third party. We already integrated or will integrate our meter to some of the Home Automation platform, such as Home Assistant, openHAB and so on. The tutorials are available on our website.
Home Automation
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