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Solar Energy Monitor

We can provide professional and smart solar monitoring system and products that can be Networked, Monitored, and Analyzed.

The solar PV monitoring devices collect and analyzes number of parameters being measured in a PV plant to monitor and/or evaluate its performance. In order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of any PV system, an effective monitoring system is essential. Moreover, the monitoring system keeps track on various electricity generation indices and fault occurrences.

As one of the well-known professional IoT solution provider for Solar monitoring system, DeviceBit has dedicated to provide the best, most comprehensive and cost-effective PV monitoring software and hardware products for the traditional industries. Featured with simple installation, easy operation and powerful IoT platform, DeviceBit enables customers to remotely monitor their solar systems anytime from anywhere, with minimized time and costs.
DeviceBit contributes to ensure the effective uptime of PV systems and to reduce O&M (operation & maintenance) costs,  and therefore maximizing yield and ROI (return on investment).

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