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Is network cable necessary for household smart meter? Today I finally know!

The network line is not essential for smart meters now. So how is it possible for the smart meter to realize data transmission? The following household article is to share the topic of the smart meter data transmission with you. Smart meter data transmission is now mainly in two ways: one is the power line carrier mode to receive and transmit data, the other is RS485 communication.

Firstly, let me tell you about the power line carrier mode of smart meters: power line carrier, which is to rely on the power line to transmit data, can only be used in the same transformer circuit, transmitting to the terminal. And then the terminal will send it to the power metering system of the power bureau wirelessly; In this way, there is a module at the bottom of the meter, namely the power carrier module. After data processing in the circuit is completed, it will be transmitted to the power carrier module. After data processing, the module will be transmitted to the terminal. This method is also very common now, such as the common distribution station, temporary transformer, public metering box metering method; This kind of means cannot realize it for the users to pay the cost on the net themselves. They have to go to the electric power bureau to pay for power.

Then it comes to a smart energy meter with another transmission: Another method of data transmission of a transmission smart meters is to use RS485 communication methods. It can realize remote capture to expend the network user self-help pay cost. Once the system of the power supply bureau receives the information of the users' Internet payment, it will recharge the user. After the completion of the recharge, it will send the message again to the concentrator of the users’ community; This data transmission of RS485 communication mode depends on GPRS or CDMA network of the three major operators of. The data transmission will finally be sent to your home electricity meter with the help of RS485. Then, the whole data transmission is completed. If we look at the electricity meter clearly, we will find that there is a logo. Therefore, whether the smart meter is power line carrier mode to receive and transmit data or RS485 communication, they do not need network cable, in other words, they are wireless transmission terminal.
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