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Is Application of Wireless Temperature Measurement Gradually Generalized an Inevitable Trend in the Future?

The power system is an important part of maintaining enterprise production. The information construction of electric power is the focus of many electric power enterprises. For the operation of power equipment, we need to carry out preventive maintenance for the equipment in advance to ensure its service life and normal operation. However, temperature is an important monitoring parameter to maintain the normal operation of power equipment. If the temperature of power equipment is too high or too low, it may cause failure. However, why is wireless temperature measurement more and more widely used?

People who have known it all know that the design of wireless temperature measurement system is specially designed for high-voltage live running equipment to conduct real-time temperature monitoring. The so-called real-time monitoring is 24-hour temperature monitoring. Different types of temperature sensors produced by DeviceBit can be installed in any switch cabinet, distribution box, wire connector and other high-voltage live equipment. Its measurement data is accurate, and it has the ability of insulation, waterproof and anticorrosion.

The wireless temperature sensor adopts wireless transmission to realize the goal of monitoring the temperature of high-voltage electrified body in a long distance. Background monitoring systems can store, record, process, analyze, output, display, query and summarize the collected information receipts of the whole system. It can help the person in charge to make accurate judgment. Because of its flexible operation, low power consumption and good sealing performance, it can be applied to any indoor and outdoor places. Therefore, the flexibility and ease of use of temperature measurement systems has also been favored by many enterprises to meet their needs, so it is more and more common in production.

But can temperature measurement system really become the future trend?

As we all know, there are many problems in the long-term operation of power systems, such as the aging of wire insulation, high-voltage leakage, loose joints and so on. They are all the causes of equipment heating and temperature rise. If this kind of abnormality is not detected in time, it often leads to the deterioration of the situation, which will lead to short circuits or even fires. The temperature measurement system produced by Hewlett Packard Electronics receives the temperature data through wireless temperature measurement transmission and transmits it to the PC background display through the bus. It can be monitored online and remotely in real time.

Because the traditional temperature measurement method either needs human intervention, or is high cost, long cycle, inconvenient management and has limitations, so the distribution temperature monitoring system has high cost performance and strong real-time. In view of its ability to meet more needs of people, it will become an inevitable trend of monitoring temperature in high-pressure environment.
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