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How to Realize the Monitoring of Solar Power Supply System

Generally, a set of solar power supply systems is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Solar power system
2. Solar controller
3. Wind and sun complementary cell
4. Intelligent observe and control server
5. Camera
6. Wireless transmission system
7. Equipment management software

Wireless LAN video transmission can meet the bandwidth requirements of transmission, and can also send signals in some areas where the signal coverage of operators is not ideal. The wireless transmission mode is adopted in the construction of the system, which avoids the trouble of wiring. This kind of equipment has small overall labor consumption and low power consumption, which is very suitable for wireless monitoring equipment systems such as forest fire prevention, water conservancy, archaeological excavation and so on.

In fact, with the development trend of monitoring systems becoming more and more convenient, the combination with new technology is an important way for the development of security monitoring technology, and also an important way to maximize the advantages of new technology. In the civil field, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar panels has been greatly improved. The renewal of solar battery technology makes it possible for high-power storage and long-term power supply in rainy days. With the development of solar energy controller technology, it can be stably applied in the field of monitoring and security. The application of high-quality solar power supply products in the field of security monitoring will provide a broader possibility for the expansion of security field.

Solar remote monitoring system consists of video monitoring system, solar power supply system, transmission equipment, etc. According to the general rules of camera work, the solar power supply equipment carries out energy-saving management on the camera input power supply, so that its pan tilt, wiper, heating, dehumidification and other functions can be started in a planned and controlled way. This greatly reduces the area of the solar panel and the specification capacity of the battery, reduces the investment cost and ensures the safety and stability of the system. It can be used in the field of off grid monitoring and power supply, such as road monitoring, forest fire monitoring, mountain flood prevention, hydrology and water conservancy, port and river.

For the video remote monitoring solar power supply system to achieve real-time observation, and monitoring data collector collects real-time monitoring field resource data, which plays a very important role in local development, utilization, management, protection, reasonable allocation, improving resource utilization and future improvement goals.
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