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Energy consumption monitoring system

Background and requirements

Statistics show that of all public buildings, shopping malls consume the most electricity. However, power consumption per square meter is highest in shopping malls among buildings like office buildings of state organs, student dormitories of colleges and universities, normal office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, sports stadiums and hospitals. Energy consumption monitoring system means to timely collect energy consumption data by means of remote transmission through installing classification and itemized energy consumption metering devices for office buildings and large public buildings of state organs, so as to realize online monitoring and dynamic analysis of energy consumption of key buildings.

Introduction of the system

Energy consumption monitoring system is a comprehensive monitoring and intelligent automatic control system, which is designed and constructed by using modern power monitoring technology, environmental monitoring technology, heat monitoring technology, automatic control technology and modern advanced network, microelectronics and software technology. Rongzhi xinghua energy consumption monitoring system integrates comprehensive real-time monitoring of energy consumption and energy efficiency as well as intelligent and automatic energy saving control. It can not only provide strong technical support for energy saving and emission reduction, but also realize refined use of energy on demand. It can also provide first-hand real-time data support for energy efficiency assessment, improvement and improvement of various energy-saving measures.

The energy consumption monitoring system comprehensively covers the control and measurement of energy application in power supply, water supply, air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, heating, electrical appliances and other equipment. It supports theauthorization and control of all kinds of equipment at all levels in grading, classification and zoning authorization monitoring. It can not only meet the needs of centralized monitoring and control, but also meet the needs of users for flexible use of control under the guidance of unified principles and standards.

Monitoring object

Monitoring power consumption and energy efficiency by item

Multi-channel power monitoring intelligent control is configured for different electrical equipment to monitor various power consumption and efficacy parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power and power factor of each equipment in real time. Based on RS485 industrial digital communication bus, it is connected to the integrated monitoring workstation.

Strategic energy saving control

It is mainly realized by the help of the background software. According to the data collected by each sensor and voltameter, it points out what part is necessary to use electricity, and which belongs to the waste of electricity. Combined with the actual utilization situation, the user can set the corresponding energy saving strategy, for example, some electric equipment can be closed in sometime, the electrical equipment can be shut down in some areas when without people, some of the electrical equipment with no operation by people can be switch to standby mode in some time and so on. These can greatly avoid unnecessary waste of energy and save resources.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

According to the monitored area of the user's room, a digital temperature and humidity sensor is configured in each area to monitor the temperature and humidity in each area in real time, and the intelligent linkage of temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring with air conditioning, fresh air, heating and other equipment is realized according to the user's setting strategy.
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