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Electric Power Usage Monitor

Main uses of electric power usage monitor: the electric power usage monitor is a multi-functional power monitoring instrument adopting embedded technology, data acquisition technology, digital signal processing technology, etc. It can measure parameters such as phase, line voltage (V), current (I), power (P, Q, S), electric energy (Wh, Qh), power factor (PF), frequency (F) and the like of the power grid in real time, and can be transmitted, output and communicated in a variable manner. It can replace the existing ammeter, voltmeter, frequency meter, power factor meter, active and reactive power meter, electric energy meter, digital display meter, etc.

Function Introduction of Electric Power Usage Monitor

1. Multiple measuring functions
It has powerful functions. It integrates some or all functions of electric quantity transmitter, digital watt-hour meter, digital display meter, data collector, recording analyzer, RTU and other instruments. The measurement functions include: the functions of a three-phase four-wire loop or any other wire system for all phase voltage/line voltage (V), current (I), power (P, Q, S), electric energy (Wh, Qh), power factor (PF), frequency (F) and zero sequence current (I0)

2. Display in Chinese and English
Using LCD large screen liquid crystal display, the Chinese and English interfaces can be switched, which is very suitable for China's national conditions. The display adopts a yellow-green backlight which is more natural and comfortable for human eyes. Up to 4 parameters can be displayed at the same time, and more than 30 parameters can be read out in sequence through manual or automatic setting.

3. The over-limit alarm function includes over-current over-limit, power over-limit, over-voltage over-limit, low voltage over-limit, frequency over-limit, low power factor over-limit, etc. An out-of-limit alarm may be associated with a relay. When an associated electrical quantity is detected to exceed the limit, the associated relay will output an alarm signal. Note: This is an optional function.

4 communication function

5. The screen display and human-computer interaction functions are simple to operate, and local human-computer interaction can be realized by switching display contents through keyboard operation; It allows operators to set parameters and achieve local control operations. It can be divided into pages to query all measurement and calculation data and set parameters.
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