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Discussion on the Application of Electric Energy Monitoring Platform

As the power market changes from seller's market to buyer's market, the economic benefits of the power sector will depend more and more on the level of detail in the management of all aspects of power supply and consumption. Among them, strengthening the management of power consumption sites for large users is one of the effective ways to improve the level of economic operation. The development trend of power automation in the future is to establish a unified power management platform, realize data sharing and reduce management costs.

The establishment of power load management system for large users can realize remote automatic meter reading and load site management for large users, improve the level of power consumption monitoring and load management, and provide important technical support for strengthening demand-side management of power.

With the development of smart grid and the popularization of grid automation, with the increasing innovation of power marketing business and the rapid and comprehensive promotion of marketing informatization, the load control system can no longer meet the demand of power application. The development of a new management system of power load and a platform with customers' real-time data has become a top priority. An acquisition and control terminal comes into being after the development of a new management system of power load and a platform with customers' real-time data is achieved.

The acquisition and control and monitoring system of electric energy information is a system for acquiring, controlling, processing and real-time monitoring electric energy information of electric power customers, and realizes the functions of automatic acquisition and control of electric energy information, abnormal measurement, quality monitoring for electric energy, electric energy analysis and management, etc. Electric energy acquisition and control system is an infrastructure to ensure the operation of the power market and an important technical means to improve the management level of the power grid. It aims to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of the collected and controlled data from power customers about their electricity consumption information and the safe, stable and efficient operation of the electricity collection and control system.
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