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Data Collector for Inverter Monitoring

Inverter, also known as inverter power supply, is a converter which transforms DC power into AC power. Photovoltaic inverter is the inverter applied in solar photovoltaic power generation system. It is an important part of photovoltaic system. According to the purpose of the inverter, it can be divided into two types: independent power supply and grid connected power supply.

Inverter data collector is used to collect and record the working status and operation information of inverter and combiner box in photovoltaic power station, and submit the monitoring information to superior monitoring system through Ethernet, GPRS or WiFi.

It can not only monitor a single device, but also monitor multiple devices in large-scale photovoltaic power stations by RS-485 bus. Its monitoring objects include: inverter, environmental monitor, photovoltaic combiner box, electricity meter, etc. The data collector has the function of receiving and executing network scheduling instructions at the same time.

The solar data logger can effectively monitor the photovoltaic power station system by collecting and recording the working state and power generation of the inverter. Its features are as follows:

  • It supports one or more RS-485 interfaces to communicate with inverters, meters or other photovoltaic devices;
  • It supports WiFi, GPRS and other communication modes, and interacts with the background monitoring center or users through wireless;
  • It supports Ethernet and RS-232 interface, and communicates with a monitoring server;
  • It supports large capacity storage devices such as SD card;
  • LCD, human-computer interaction control and monitoring data display;
  • It supports local data recording, including inverter real-time data, system information, grid connection statistics, etc;
  • It supports a WebServer, which is convenient for users' mobile phones or backstage servers to monitor inverter information through web browsing;
  • It reserves CAN bus interface for expanding energy storage management or other CAN bus interface photovoltaic equipment.

Different solar energy data loggers have different implementation schemes. However, the M287 industrial core board itself supports rich functions and features, which can meet the needs of a variety of data collector schemes with high adaptability.

With the increasing promotion of photovoltaic network monitoring and the increasing number of enterprise customers, network monitoring will become an essential product for after-sales management of photovoltaic power stations in the future. Using network function to realize intelligent photovoltaic power station, intelligent management and scheduling, will also be further accelerated development.
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