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Data Application of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System

(1) Through the collected data, we can not only see the instantaneous power, daily power generation and cumulative power generation, but also query the power generation of the past day and month. This data can be used to evaluate the efficiency of power generation systems.

(2) The staff can analyze whether the efficiency of the system is normal through the data and relevant parameters of power generation in the same period. Through the power generation and power of other power stations, we can judge the status of dust deposition on the site of the power station, so as to solve the problem in a targeted way. Applying the above method, some photovoltaic power stations have formulated the daily maintenance demands of the power station. This ensures the cleanness of photovoltaic modules, improves the efficiency of power generation, and provides an effective basis for the management of photovoltaic power stations.

(3) The collected data also includes a system alarm, i.e. photovoltaic inverter fault or power station string fault. This information can inform administrators and relevant maintenance personnel in time to solve problems on site. If it is an early warning notice, they can take relevant measures and disposal.

(4) The micro change of the installation direction and angle of photovoltaic modules is not great for the total amount of power generation. However, it is necessary to consider the maintenance, wind resistance and snow load comprehensively. Only through the comparison of different data can we provide effective data for the design and development of the system.

(5) Through the comparison of power generation benefit data between different regions, we can judge which regions are more suitable for photovoltaic industry. It can provide effective data for our country to formulate relevant policies of photovoltaic industry.
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