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Common Fields of Wireless Temperature Measurement System

The traditional method of temperature measurement has the disadvantages of long periods, complex construction, low efficiency and inconvenient management. It takes a lot of manpower to physically check and re-lay cables when a fault occurs. However, in specific occasions, the monitoring points are scattered, the environment is closed or there is high voltage, so many temperature measurement methods can not achieve the measurement work.

Wifi temperature monitoring system, also known as wireless temperature online monitoring system. It is a high-tech product integrating advanced intelligent sensor network technology, wireless communication technology, low power consumption technology, anti-interference technology and automatic control technology. It can realize by online monitoring and early warning on-site and long-distance at the same time for the change of equipment temperature under various harsh environmental conditions. It greatly facilitates the maintenance personnel to master the operation status of the equipment in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Wifi temperature monitoring system has the characteristics of real-time online monitoring, bad working environment, convenient installation, timely warning and so on. It can effectively ensure the safety of high-voltage electrical equipment, which is widely used in the power industry, agriculture, high temperature environment, low temperature environment and other fields.

Four common fields of wifi temperature monitoring system:

Application of electric power industry

The electrical equipment in operation usually works in the state of high voltage and current. Some defects in the equipment will cause abnormal temperature rise of equipment components. Too high temperatures may cause combustion, explosions or even equipment damage or quality accidents. The wireless temperature measurement system can monitor the multiple failure points of electrical equipment in real-time such as switch cabinet, and control the occurrence of electrical accidents in a timely and effective manner.

1. Online temperature monitoring of moving contact, static contact and cable contact of high voltage switchgear;
2. Online temperature monitoring of contacts and cable joints of low-voltage switchgear;
3. Online temperature monitoring of capacitors, breakers, disconnectors, etc;
4. Online temperature monitoring of motor outlet box cable joint;
5. Online temperature monitoring of cable surface, cable joint and cable interlayer in cable tunnel;

Application in agriculture

Winery cellar, wine room; coal pile; paper mill; food processing plant; livestock and poultry aquaculture; greenhouse vegetables, mushroom shed, etc

Application in high temperature field

Rotary kiln; steam boiler; roll molding machine; gas, water supply, heating pipe trench, etc

Application in low temperature field

Cold chain system (Ice box, cold storage, freezer,etc.), In the process of processing, storage, transportation and sales of temperature sensitive products such as vaccines, biological agents and drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, the temperature parameters in each process need to be recorded and tracked to ensure the product quality.

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