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Accelerating Energy Storage Layout of Solar Inverter

In recent years, with the closer relationship with renewable energy sources (such as solar power, which is highly related to solar inverter data logger), the energy storage application market has gradually received attention and opened up rapidly. Data show that a total of 1.4GW and 2.3GWh of energy storage projects were deployed worldwide in 2017. Among them, Australia is in the leading position in terms of power capacity, with a total of 246 MW. The US market leads the world in terms of energy capacity, with a total of 431MWh. European countries and China followed suit.

In 2017, Britain and Germany led the development of energy storage and FM industry in Europe. Germany has deployed 135MW of energy storage projects and Britain has 117MW of installed capacity.
U.S. market research institutions said that a unified European network FM code is expected to coordinate the entire European energy storage FM market in the future. At that time, the central and northern European markets will all be coupled.
Not only Europe but also the whole world is speeding up the layout of the energy storage market. For example, the governments of the United States, Australia, Turkey and other countries have set clear development directions or targets in the field of energy storage.

Among them, the United States is the most active. On June 5, Colorado passed a bill on energy storage, explicitly encouraging the increase of installed energy storage capacity and incorporating the development of energy storage into the long-term planning of public utilities. The previous week, New Jersey also announced its " ambitious" goal of 2GW of energy storage capacity by 2030.

According to an article published by UTILITY DIVE, the US energy review website, New Jersey's move may encourage more states to follow suit. Moreover, the development of energy storage industry will benefit by formulating strategies and implementing road maps suitable for the development of each country. In addition to clear development goals, it can also include a sustainable renewable energy incentive plan, the construction of an energy storage standard system, energy storage procurement incentives, etc.

The goal makes New Jersey the fifth state in the United States to have a clear energy storage plan. Previously, in 2013, California set a target of 1.3GW of installed energy storage capacity by 2020. In 2015, Oregon is trying to complete its 5 MWh energy storage plan by 2020. Massachusetts passed a 200MWh energy storage plan in 2016.

Industry organizations predict that the United States will remain the " main position" in the global energy storage market from 2018 to 2022. And China will also rise rapidly, overtaking all markets except the United States to become the world's second largest energy storage market in 2019. By 2022, the global annual energy storage market capacity will reach 8.6GW and 21.6GWh. In this process, the market policies and market mechanisms of various countries will also be continuously improved.
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