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wireless temp humidity sensor

Wireless data transmission technologies include WIFI, 433, Zigbee, etc.

Zigbee, WiFi and 433MHz wireless technologies are all close-range wireless communication technologies, and all use ISM license-free bands, but they have their own characteristics.

ZigBee is characterized by low power consumption, high reliability, strong anti-interference and easy network distribution. It is very convenient to extend the network coverage to tens of times through wireless repeaters. But compared with WiFi technology, Zigbee is a low transmission rate application.

WiFi is characterized by high data transmission rate and support for the "always online" function. But it has high power consumption, high reliability and low performance. Sleep wake-up time for WiFi devices generally takes 3 to 5 seconds.

433MHz technology uses 433MHz wireless band. The advantage is that the wireless signal has strong penetration and can spread farther. Its disadvantage is that the data transmission rate is low and the data transparent transmission protocol is adopted, so its network security and reliability are also poor.

The wireless temp humidity sensor should be a wireless sensor network product with integrated sensing, wireless communication, low power consumption and other technologies. Wireless temperature sensors should be powered by batteries, avoiding the laying of large workload communication cables, pipelines and power supply lines in engineering implementation. Users can also conveniently adjust the installation location according to the actual use of the site.

The wireless temp humidity sensor can be configured with temperature and humidity sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, gas sensor, as well as flow, displacement, switch, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction and other sensors.

The wireless temp humidity sensor is used in water supply network, gas supply network, oil supply network, environment, medical and health, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, energy, meteorology, warehousing, refrigeration, freezer, constant temperature and humidity production workshop, work place and so on.
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