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wireless solar energy monitor system

Because the installation environment of field monitoring system is mostly in sparse and harsh places, there is generally no normal and stable AC power supply; in this case, solar or wind power generation system can be used to solve the problem of on-site power supply.

The working principle of the solar power supply system is to convert the solar energy into electric energy. The charge and discharge control of the solar energy is the central control device. On the one hand, the converted energy of the solar cell module is stored in the battery group. On the other hand, the power supply of the load equipment is controlled by the battery group. If the AC power supply is needed in the load equipment, the DC power will be inverted to AC through the inverter. According to the power demand of the system equipment, it can output 12V/24V/36V/48/220V and other different voltages to meet the power supply needs of various equipment. The system runs reliably and steadily, and can meet all kinds of harsh outdoor working environment.

Method/step Components of solar energy:

1. Solar cell arrays, i.e. solar panels;
2. Solar Charging Controller with Different Voltage Dual Output;
3. Solar deep-cycle batteries;
4. Inverter.

What are the main scenarios for solar power generation systems?

1. Highway Monitoring System
2. Forest Fire Prevention and Control System
3. Island Monitoring Solar Power Generation System
4. Power supply of monitoring equipment in other places where power supply cannot be connected.

Significant features of solar power generation system:

1. Determine the capacity of solar power generation according to the specific situation of solar energy resources and load power consumption in the region.
2. Guarantee the continuous and stable power supply of all monitoring equipment.
3. The monitoring equipment considers all-day power supply. The maximum daily power supply time is 24 hours.
4. Economical, practical, reliable and safe.
5. Continuous use of rainy days (can be designed according to the actual situation of continuous power supply days).
6. DC12V 24V or AC220 power supply can be provided at the same time.
7. Using the latest deep-cycle lead-acid maintenance-free water-proof storage battery as energy storage equipment, the working temperature is between - 40 ~60 ~C, which has the characteristics of high life and high performance.
8. Automatic control of equipment operation can realize unattended and remote monitoring.
9. Adopting special control and inverting system for monitoring, it does not interfere with the normal receiving and receiving signals. It is simple and convenient to manage and maintain, and the operation cost is very low.
10. One investment, long-term benefits;
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