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WIFI Home Temperature and Humidity Detection System

This system is an enhanced version on the basis of wifi home temperature monitoring system. Below are some functions of the system:

1. With wifi communication function
2. It has the function of temperature and humidity collection and can be wirelessly transmitted to a computer or a mobile phone to realize heating regulation.
3. It has multi-channel switch control function, and can control household appliances such as lamps, water heaters and sockets after computers or mobile phones are connected to WIFI.
4. Timing function. The system time can be changed after the computer or mobile phone is connected to WIFI, and the system time can continue to operate when the external power supply is cut off.
5. It has the function of switching power on and off regularly. After the computer or mobile phone is connected to WIFI, the water heater or switch socket can be set to be turned on and off regularly.
6. Brightness acquisition function: the system can transmit the ambient brightness to the computer or mobile phone through WiFi, and can turn on and off the lights according to the ambient brightness.
7. Power - off data protection function, customers’ WiFi setting information and all configuration information will not be lost after being cut off.
8. Communication encryption. Computer or mobile phone connecting to WIFI must pass verification with password to obtain control permission and communicate with the system.

First: A wifi communication function
There are two operation modes of WIFI
1) AP mode: wireless external router, the system acts as a WiFi system for router. WiFi can be controlled after computers or mobile phones connect to it.
2) STA mode: the system can be connected to an external computer or mobile phone by connecting to a home router. The computer or mobile phone connecting to the network can realize the control of WIFI.

Second: The function of collecting temperature and humidity.
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