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Wifi 4G Video Monitor and Command System Helps Power Safety Production

A city power company of China southern power grid adopts wifi electricity monitor and command system to realize remote video monitoring management and command in power operation site. Through portable 4G emergency box, 4G ball control and portable handheld 4G personal equipment, all-round "real-time process management and supervision" can be carried out on power production, routine maintenance, scheduling and emergency repair and rescue.

Real-time recording of the dynamic process of the construction site, so that all event information can be timely and detailed records; Through wifi electricity monitor, managers can fully understand the real-time picture of the site in the first time, provide comprehensive data support for managers' decision-making, and improve the response speed of production maintenance and emergency repair. Through the statistical analysis of historical events to provide technical support for production management work, comprehensively and effectively improve the rationality of production work.

WiFi electricity monitor and command system solves the two major problems of safe production in the power industry. First, in the daily power production management process, how to timely and accurately collect, store and supervise the real-time information of power production inspection, maintenance, operation and other sites to prevent the occurrence of habitual violations and misoperation; Second, in the case of man-made damage or natural disasters and other emergencies in power production, how to timely and comprehensively obtain accurate information of emergencies and conduct correct command and scheduling according to pre-made plans to minimize the damage caused by emergencies?

The portable 4G emergency command box, 4G ball control system and portable handheld 4G personal equipment adopted by the company are equipped with wireless 4G communication technology, satellite transmission technology, satellite positioning technology, geographic information technology, computer information technology and other technical means. The wifi electricity monitor and command system enables the leaders of the monitoring and command center to know the situation on site in real time and quickly and comprehensively collect information related to accident handling.

It can monitor the command center leading group and the accident site command and accident handling personnel to communicate in real time, directly issue decisions to the field command group, and report important information related to the on-site accident handling. The leading group reports on the scene.
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