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What is an Online Energy Monitoring System?

Brief Introduction of Online Energy Monitoring System

The online energy monitoring system adopts high-quality special intelligent meters, intelligent water meters, steam flow meters, thermal meters and other instruments with various communication functions to collect energy consumption data and transmit the data to the software platform through wiring or wireless transmission (priority is given to using the enterprise's own internal local area for data transmission to reduce costs). According to the definition of energy forms and types, the system covers measurement and monitoring of potential energy consumption of electricity, water, coal, steam / gas, oil and other energies in enterprises' production and operation activities.

What is an Online Energy Monitoring System?

1. Monitor the running status of key equipment.

2. Grasp the energy consumption situation in real time.

3. Calculate and analyze the energy consumption level of process.

4. Realize cost sharing.

5. Provide energy information.

6. Provide data support for the implementation of energy-saving projects in the next step.

Three Components of Online Energy Monitoring System

1. Software of energy management system: mainly collate and analyze the collected data, and is equal to the brain of the whole system.

2. Data acquisition instruments: smart electricity meter, smart water meter, steam flow meter, thermal energy meter, etc. with communication function. High - quality dedicated smart meters ensure the operation of the system and the stability of communication.

3. Network communication equipment: mainly used to transmit the data collected by the instrument through wiring or wireless transmission to the software. Priority will be given to using the internal local area owned by the enterprise for data transmission.

What Problems Can an Online Energy Monitoring System Help Enterprises Solve?

1. Standardize and strengthen energy management, from extensive energy management mode to scientific energy management mode.

2. Find that the enterprise wastes energy in the process of use.

3. Generate various economic energy indicators required by enterprises, such as energy consumption per unit output, energy consumption per unit area, energy consumption per unit sales, energy consumption per unit product of process A-N, etc.

4. Help enterprises to establish energy consumption baseline.

5. To help enterprises manage energy consumption in all aspects of production or operation.

6. Discovering inefficient links in equipment and production management.

7. Measure and verify the energy-saving effect produced by energy-saving measures.

8. Analyze the influence of various variables on energy consumption, such as weather, operation time, output, etc.;

9. To help enterprises to take the influence of energy prices into account in production arrangements, and help enterprises to manage peak power consumption and effective demand-side management.

10. Interface with enterprise's ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle and other systems) to provide users with various energy consumption indicators.
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