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Unmanned remote monitoring of solar panels monitoring system

The use of non-renewable energy makes the earth "dying". Since the birth of life on the earth, the thermal radiation energy provided mainly by the sun has survived without geographical restrictions. Whether land or ocean, whether mountain or island, it is everywhere. It can be directly exploited and utilized, easy to collect, and does not need to be exploited and transported.
The solar energy monitoring and power supply system is composed of solar cells, solar charge and discharge controllers and solar storage batteries. If the load power supply is 220V or 110V or a variety of voltages, it also needs to be equipped with inverters.

The functions of each part of the solar energy monitoring system are as follows:

(1) Solar panels: Solar panels are the core part of the solar power generation system and the most valuable part of the solar power generation system. Its function is to convert the radiation capacity of the sun into electricity, or to send it to storage batteries, or to promote load work.
(2) Solar controller: The function of solar controller is to control the working state of the whole system, and to protect the battery from overcharge and overdischarge. Where the temperature difference is large, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. In the solar street lamp system, the solar street lamp controller with the functions of light control and time control is needed.
(3) Batteries: Valve-controlled maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are commonly used. In small micro-systems and cold weather areas, solar colloidal batteries are required, which can be used at low temperatures without too much influence on efficiency. Its function is to store the electricity generated by solar panels when there is light and release it when needed.
(4) Inverter: There are two kinds of inverters: square wave and sine wave. The direct output of solar energy is generally 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC. In order to provide power to 220VAC electrical appliances, it is necessary to convert DC power generated by solar power generation system into AC power, so DC-AC inverters are needed.
The operation of this system will change the traditional forest fire prevention management to the modern forest fire prevention information management. The monitoring camera can rotate 360 degrees, track and shoot up and down, and monitor key forest areas in real time all day, intelligently identify forest fires and alarm. In addition, the camera also has the function of automatic analysis and satellite information transmission. The visual radius of the special monitoring probe is 5 km in the day and 3 km in the evening. Any fire system in the forest area can capture and feed back to the monitoring room in the first time. Depending on the advantage of 4G network, staff can monitor the situation near the forest farm in real time and high-definition by mobile phone.

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