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The proximity of the monitor and the Internet of things

In recent years, although the development of China's security industry is relatively short, the development of China's security industry is very rapid and is one of the important areas of the Internet of things applications. It is combined with the characteristics of the Internet of things, and will give the security industry full of vitality. With the continuous investment of users in the monitoring system, its application becomes more and more in-depth and highly dependent. The basic functional modules included in a single monitoring system can no longer meet the needs of today's industrial applications. The application of fusion monitoring system and the overall framework which is similar to the Internet of things system provide customers with end-to-end comprehensive solutions.

1) Terminal fusion is conducive to thorough perception

The isolated construction of traditional systems such as dynamic environment monitoring, intelligent access control, security prevention, video monitoring, energy consumption management and intelligent equipment management not only increases the investment cost, but also makes it difficult to realize the information transmission and intelligent analysis and processing between systems. The integrated intelligent monitoring terminal combines perception, acquisition and transmission organically and adopts high integration and modular design, comprehensively applying wired wireless perception, intelligent processing, wired wireless transmission and other technologies to achieve a more thorough and comprehensive perception. It can effectively reduce the various costs of system construction, protect the existing investment. It can also smooth the evolution of the system, and support the system deployment in complex situations,  so as to facilitate the expansion of various types of business.

2) Network fusion is conducive to system construction

With the increasing perfection of the 3G network construction, the carrier network has basically realized full IP, and the wireless network based on 3G/WIFI is accelerating the change of the existing network access mode. The bottleneck of network bandwidth has been solved step by step, with more and more information being transmitted, and large capacity services such as streaming media to be popularized. The reliable transmission of information, diversified means of transmission and flexible deployment of the network are important supports for the integrated management system of trans-regional, multi-level and large-scale networking informatization. Integrating communication technology, IT technology, network security technology and other related technologies, the integrated transmission network system is an indispensable neural network leading to the intelligent brain.

3) Platform integration facilitates information sharing

Though facing many information systems, people often find it difficult to get the information they want. On the one hand, the degree of automation and intelligence of the information island itself is not enough. On the other hand, the information island cannot be integrated with each other, or it is difficult to establish intelligent applications based on the information source itself.

Based on the extensive application of cloud computing, mass data storage, information presentation and other technologies, the object-oriented, service-oriented and pattern-oriented system architecture design method is adopted as the guidance to build a unified platform integrating various technologies. The platform adopts unified framework structure and simplifies the application structure to avoid the problem which may be caused by the application of the different structures and make it easy to add new applications in the future. It also reduces the cost of new application development and guarantees the compatibility and integration of application. In addition, it can also realize centralized integration, management, and scheduling of all kinds of data and other related data.

Platform integration is embodied in the dynamic monitoring, environment monitoring, video monitoring, alarm, access control, map navigation, patrolling, IC card, GPS positioning, energy management, resource management, information management and other business support and a variety of technologies. It can carry out multiple industry users of the fusion monitoring business such as finance, electricity, transportation, justice, water conservancy, park, petrochemicals, intelligent buildings, etc., to the public users and safe city,.
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