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The Next Phase of Power and Energy Monitors

Accurate power monitoring is crucial for data center operators. It is crucial to ensure correct handling in order to track and improve power process. But most data centers’ power monitoring systems are overly complex and inaccurate.
At the webinar, industry experts will explain how this has changed. There are five key requirements for power supply in any data center-availability, efficiency, sustainability, flexibility and customized billing. These five points are the cornerstones of a good power monitoring system for data center operators.

However, many data center operators find it difficult to correctly manage and accurately measure their power consumption. At present, it requires at least three to four systems to measure the power of each point in the data center.

Measuring power from transformer level to rack can be complicated and integration problems often occur due to many different monitoring systems (usually provided by different manufacturers).

This situation can be changed through DIRIS Digiware modular power monitoring system.

The system monitors the power supply through the data center, which means that data center technicians only need one system instead of installing, maintaining and learning three or four different systems. All need is to plug in mains power and energy monitor.

DIRIS Digiware system consists of three different technologies-PreciSense for accuracy guarantee; Virtual monitor displays the status of circuit breaker; No need for additional hardware and with automatic correction to eliminate errors.

Accurate power monitoring and measurement is obviously an important factor in operating a data center. This can be easily explained by looking at some figures. If the power consumption of the rack is assumed to be 10kW, this means that the consumption level is 90,000 degrees per year. An evaluation of the existing monitoring system highlights that power of 440 kilowatt-hours per rack per year is inaccurate.

For a data center with 10,000 racks, this is equivalent to 4.4 million kilowatt hours, or about US $ 700,000 (or 515,000 pounds) per year. Obviously, it is of high risk.

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