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The internet of things cloud platform—the real boss of the internet of things

The concept of the Internet of Things has been coming up with for four or five years, but it has finally accelerated recently.

From the end of last year, Xiao Mi announced that it has become the world's largest Internet of Things hardware platform, to the middle of this year A Li announced a comprehensive entry into the Internet of Things, and lenovo decided to gamble on the Internet of Things... The layout of the giants has activated the iot track.

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things is the next era and opportunity after the mobile Internet.

It’s a trend to develop from the Internet of people to the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is called the third wave of information industry after Internet and mobile Internet.

In the era of Internet of people, we connect everyone to world of Internet through computers (traditional Internet) or mobile terminals (mobile Internet) such as mobile phones.

In the Internet of Things era, we let everything be connected to the Internet, collect and transmit the data of the whole physical world, and finally realize the wisdom through the rich application of the Internet of Things. To realize the Internet of Things, we can not leave the core of the Internet of Things world— Internet of Things cloud platform, which is for the management and empowerment of the devices for the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things cloud platform is the core of the Internet of Things.

Among them, Internet of Things cloud platform is the key hub of Internet of Things network architecture and industrial chain. It is downward connected to the dispersed Int of Things  ensing layer and collects sensing data. Up is the application-oriented service provider, which provides the basic platform for application development and unified data interface for the underlying network, and supports specific iot applications based on sensing data.

In addition, it can also realize the "management, control and management" integration of terminal equipment and assets, and provide general service capabilities for all walks of life, such as data routing, data processing and mining, simulation and optimization, business process and application integration, communication management, application development, equipment maintenance services.

Since the development of the Internet of Things industry, the application demand of the industry gradually rises, and the underlying technology gradually matures. Therefore, the development of perfect Internet of Things cloud platform technology, which stimulates the deployment of downstream applications, which has become the key to promote the development of the industry.
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