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The history of technology behind solar energy and energy-efficient devices

For a long time, the home user has been regarded as a pure power consumption unit. Until the energy crisis in the 1970s, western countries no longer blindly pursued to meet the complex demand with installed capacity, but solved the contradiction between supply and demand by improving the utilization efficiency of the unit and reducing the complex demand side. For this reason, the United States promulgated the national energy conservation policy act in 1978, which kicked off the global energy application and management. In the smart home furnishings, changes are mainly reflected in the introduction of solar energy, wind energy and other new energy sources, and the use of wireless home energy monitor which is used to monitor management to reduce energy consumption.

For example, in the aspect of home energy management system, indoor environment, personnel activities and equipment working status information are collected through wireless home energy monitor, and these information are analyzed to schedule and control the electrical equipment, so as to reduce the power consumption and improve the power efficiency under the premise of satisfying the comfort level of users.

The technological development in the field of solar energy and energy-saving equipment mainly focuses on power monitoring, energy management, solar energy application, blades, wind turbine sets and intelligent control, etc., and the manifestations are mainly wireless household energy monitoring system and new energy utilization. We made an in-depth analysis of the patents involved and found that: the field of solar energy and energy-saving equipment is constantly upgrading, and precise and diversified collection methods or sensing methods and related energy utilization optimization methods are the focus of current research and development; At the same time, smart home systems are moving toward supporting multiple energy sources simultaneously.

After decades of technological change and development, the research and development trend of solar energy and energy-saving products has changed from hardware to software. In the process of technological development, it is gradually integrated with new intelligent technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence. In the aspect of control, it is gradually developed from macro to micro, paying more attention to detailed data collection, conducting more intelligent energy monitoring and control, and developing towards the direction of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.
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