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Solutions of enterprise energy management system development

Enterprise information management system applies energy management information technology to the enterprise management system. It can make managers fully and in-depth understand the of energy utilization of enterprise, and find the space for the production and equipment operation energy saving. It is an effective means to improve enterprise efficiency, to achieve energy continuously, and to improve enterprise management level.

And it set up a reasonable and efficient for the enterprise information transmission platform and management platform, forming an effective solution, energy saving and emission reduction for regional energy consumption data timely, rapid and accurate monitoring. It realizes scientific analysis, forecasting and early warning function. It also provides multi-directional and visualized data information query and decision support service for enterprise decision-making, and achieves the purpose of scientific use of energy and scientific management.

The functional modules of enterprise energy management information system include energy consumption kanban, real-time monitoring, energy consumption analysis, product center, power quality, carbon emissions, statistical reports, early warning platform, energy monitoring, system configuration, etc.

Real-time monitoring

The real-time monitoring center includes real-time data collection of regional and equipment energy consumption and real-time monitoring of key equipment process parameters, and can display energy consumption data of different dimensions of each monitoring point in the form of charts.

Energy consumption of Kanban

It can be seen at a glance that includes related energy consumption information, energy cost, peak and valley electricity consumption, energy consumption proportion of each region, metering network diagram, energy flow diagram, etc.

Product center

Enterprises take initiative to input monthly output and output data, energy efficiency benchmarking benchmark value and energy quota value, etc. The system then conducts statistical analysis according to the actual product output value data of enterprises, calculates energy consumption per unit product and energy consumption per unit output value, and conducts energy efficiency benchmarking analysis, energy saving target progress analysis and quota early warning analysis on this basis.

Analysis of energy consumption

Enterprises can conduct year-on-year/month-on-month analysis on enterprise regions, processes, teams and equipment, etc. from different dimensions and in combination with their energy use trends, and produce corresponding reports to find out loopholes and unreasonable places in the process of energy use, so as to adjust energy distribution strategies and reduce waste in the process of energy use.

Statistical reports

The system compares various energy consumption data and costs to form corresponding downloadable energy consumption reports, and enterprises can design practical tables according to actual management needs.

The quality of power

The system can realize real-time monitoring and analysis of the operation state and power quality (power load, power factor, load rate, current and voltage) of each major energy-using system. The system automatically analyzes and alerts power quality problems such as harmonic exceeding standard, three-phase imbalance and power factor, so that users can avoid cumbersome data analysis and judgment.

Monitoring network

Enterprise energy management system has been equipped with a complete energy network system, including energy metering network diagram and energy flow diagram.

Early warning platform

The early warning center of the system gives early warning of communication failure and parameter abnormality so as to reduce the hidden danger of energy use.

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