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Solar Power and Wireless Remote Monitoring

Solar power supply system

The use of solar energy is mainly divided into several aspects: small solar power stations for domestic use, large grid-connected power stations, building integrated photovoltaic glass curtain wall, solar street lamps, wind-solar complementary street lamps, and wind-solar complementary power supply system, etc. Now the main application methods are building integration and wind-solar complementary system.

Solar power generation system composition

The solar power generation system is composed of a solar cell group, a solar controller and a battery (group). If the output power supply is ac 220V or 110V and is complementary to the mains, it shall be equipped with inverter and mains intelligent switcher.

The technology principle

At present, the use of solar energy is not very popular because the use of solar power generation still has the problem of high cost, low conversion efficiency, but solar cells have been used to provide energy for artificial satellites. Solar energy is produced by the continuous nuclear fusion reaction of sunspots inside or on the surface of the sun. The average solar radiation intensity in earth orbit is 1369 w / ㎡. The circumference of the earth's equator is 40000km, so it can be calculated that the energy gained by the earth can reach 173000TW. On sea level for 1 kw/m2 standard peak intensity, the surface of the earth at a point of the annual average radiation intensity of 24 h is 0.20 kw / ㎡, equivalent to 102000 TW energy. Human beings rely on this energy to survive, including all other forms of renewable energy (geothermal energy resources except). Although the total solar energy resources is equivalent to more than ten thousand times the current energy use by a human, but solar energy density is low, and it varies from place to place, due to the circumstances, which is a major problem faced by the development and utilization of solar energy. These characteristics of solar energy will make it be limited in the overall integrated energy system.

Although the energy the sun radiates into the earth's atmosphere is only about 2.2 billion times as much as it radiates, this is already a whopping 173,000TW, or 5 million tons of coal per second. The earth's energy of wind, water, ocean temperature, wave and biomass, as well as some tidal energy comes from the sun. Even the fossil fuels on the earth (such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) are fundamentally the solar energy stored since ancient times. So the broad sense of solar energy includes a very large range but the narrow sense of solar energy is limited to the solar radiation energy of photothermal, photoelectric and photochemical direct conversion.

Solar energy is both primary energy and renewable energy. It is rich in resources, can be used free of charge, and no transport, no pollution to the environment. Besides, it has created a kind of new life form for the humanity to help the society and the humanity enter an economical energy source to reduce the pollution time.

The solar cell phalanx converts solar light energy into electrical energy in a sunny day to supply power to the load and charge the battery pack at the same time. In the absence of light, the battery provides power to the load. And the solar power supply system is composed of solar cell array, solar charging control device, inverter and battery.

Wireless energy monitor solar can effectively monitor the solar power supply and improve the efficiency of solar energy conversion.

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