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Room Temperature and Tumidity Monitoring System

With the rapid development of modernization and national economy, the society has higher and higher requirements on production and living environment. Petroleum, chemical industry, aerospace, pharmaceutical, archives storage, food storage and other fields have a higher requirements for temperature and humidity. Therefore, the monitoring and control of temperature and humidity has become a very important technology in the production process.  The rapid development of wireless network make remote data transmission has been widely used. Wireless communication technology has been attached more and more importance in wireless data transmission system due to its unique advantages such as no need to set up communication lines, flexible and convenient networking and wide coverage.

In order to realize real-time monitoring and intelligent management of indoor environment temperature and humidity. The infrared control module of room temperature and humidity monitoring system sets the best indoor standard value , automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity changes in the room, and remotely controls the air conditioning and the start and stop of the dehumidifier according to the management software of the control center (server).

1.Data monitoring
The room temperature and humidity monitoring system can monitor real-time temperature and humidity data conveniently, and automatically start and stop other indoor equipment through the change of temperature and humidity. All data can be displayed by numerical value, picture and text respectively, and send alarm information to users through SMS and other functions.In addition. In addition to, different monitoring points can be set to monitor the real-time situation of each temperature measurement point more directly  and simulate the real location distribution of equipment.

2.Alarm function
When the indoor temperature exceeds the set range, the system can automatically send SMS or other alarm information to the administrator. The administrator should sets the SMS alarm information receiver of each department by himself (more than one can be added) to ensure that each administrator could receive the alarm information at the first time.

3.Data review and analysis
The system provides the statistical analysis function of unit data and temperature data to realize the traceability of historical data. Besides, it can display the changes of various parameters in the environment under test to compare the curve of multiple parameters and is able to use curves, pie charts, bar charts and other data to analyze the maximum, minimum and average values of various parameters.

4.Report function
The system can automatically generate standard daily report, high and low daily report, adjustable monthly report, standard monthly report and high and low monthly report, etc. In order to make file-archiving conveniently, it also can generate all kinds of reports according to different time periods (accurate to seconds) automatically, and immediately exported them to the local computer for saving and printing.
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