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Real-time Wireless Measurement System Technology Platform

Real-time wireless measurement system platform is a new real-time wireless sensor network, which is composed of the network controller, wireless temperature, pressure, vibration, heat flow and other wireless sensors and handheld beacon unit. The sensitive data collected by various wireless sensors are transmitted to the network controller through wireless channels to realize the wireless measurement of multi-variable and multi-channel data. The system platform provides important support for realizing the goals of "untetherization" and "unattended" of the measurement system. It has the characteristics of flexible configuration, independent networking, self-owned increase and decrease, and high reliability.

1.1 Typical applications

Wireless data sensitivity and acquisition subsystem on arrow.

The system completes the acquisition of non-electric parameters such as temperature, pressure, vibration and heat flow in the rocket cabin, and sends the collected signals to the network controller through wireless. Wireless sensors are small in size, light in weight and easy to install. Wireless sensor can receive all kinds of instructions from network controller and handheld beacon machine, and realize network roll call, slot allocation, network state switching, node parameter configuration and other operations, greatly enhancing the flexibility of the system.

1.2 Technical indicators

(1) working frequency band: ISM frequency band;
(2) antenna, the form of microstrip antenna, the 180° coverage;
(3) real-time: cache data for a period of time and then upload;
(4) networking time: ≤30s;
(5) communication rate: 250kbps, which can be extended to 1Mbps;
(6) network synchronization cycle: configurable;
(7) out-of-band inhibition: ≤45dB;
(8) packet loss rate: <10-3 when working
(9) bit error rate: <10-5 when working

1.3 Application Field

(1) measurement system on arrow
(2) ground equipment operation status monitoring system
(3) equip transport monitoring system

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