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Real Time Electricity Usage Monitor

Electricity usage monitor is a necessary configuration in special occasions, such as the hospital. Due to the particularity of its work, the hospital still has the characteristics of dense personnel, large flow of people. Furthermore, the patient's treatment and life cannot be strictly distinguished, and the building equipment, building medical equipment and ward medical equipment are dense.

From the aspect of power supply and distribution, level of the power supply load in the hospital is relatively high, the power supply and distribution mode are quite different from other civil buildings. There are many kinds of high-power instruments and equipment and the users lack professional knowledge of power consumption, causing many potential safety hazards of power consumption, for example, leakage current poses potential risks to patients, and power failure poses life risks to patients who are using instruments and are in urgent need of instruments for treatment.

According to the current intelligence and networking of power distribution in China, the application of intelligent power distribution system is very extensive. The role of intelligent power distribution system in the whole power distribution system is becoming more and more important. With the continuous development of communication technology and software technology, the real time electricity usage monitor of power distribution system will play a positive role in improving the power consumption level of hospitals and other special places.

Technical deployment:
Electric power management PLC or power monitoring instrument sensor mainly monitors data such as three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, electric energy, load analysis, reasonable dispatching, remote control and switching, peak hiding and valley filling, etc. Through RS-485 interface, Modbus and other international standard
communication protocols are adopted to connect data transmission terminal DTU with 2G/3G to upload data.

At the same time, the energy consumption of electrical equipment is also analyzed. The electricity consumption of each electrical equipment is collected and sent to the monitoring terminal. Then the intelligent display monitoring terminal is used for display. Users can clearly understand the electricity consumption structure under the environment, so as to reasonably plan the electricity consumption in the later period. The management center has comprehensive functions such as real-time monitoring, accident and anomaly alarm, event recording and printing, sorting and printing of statistical reports, electricity energy cost management and load monitoring, etc., so that the equipment can be operated according to the optimal use, making electricity consumption guaranteed and safe.
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