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GPRS Temperature Sensor (GTH202)

GPRS Temperature Sensor (GTH202)

We provide a plug and play GPRS temperature or temperature and humidity sensor kit (Model: GTH202). Its standard inclusion has a Wi-Fi data logger, a temperature or temperature & humidity sensor and a USB power cable. With the web-based monitoring portal and mobile apps, you can easily remotely monitor the temperature and humidity in different locations, such as your bedroom, IT server room, wine cabinet, cold storage etc., and you’re notified of out of preset range alert before it becomes a costly problem.

GPRS data logger has a high-performance embedded GPRS module. You can just connect the sensor and power on the device and then leave it. The GPRS data logger will automatically connect to the mobile network and transmit the data to the remote portal. The GPRS module supports dual band frequency, 800/850/1800/1900M. You can use it in any place where there is GPRS network coverage, so it is very convenient to apply in many monitoring scenarios.
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