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Energy Consumption Monitor

You can start to monitor, analyze and save your energy by using the product series of our smart energy monitor, including energy monitoring system and internet-enabled energy meter. You monitor the electricity usage on line for your household electrical system, or commercial electricity system, or industrial electricity system or solar system with products and service provided by us. It is a one-stop solution, very easy installation and setup.

We have devloped a dedicated Energy Monitoring System called Iammeter, where your own Modbus energy meter can be connected. It can real time monitor the electricity usage so that it is widely used in industrial electricity system, commercial electricity system, household electricity system and solar system. And we have related energy monitor hardware device - WIFI energy meter to track your home energy usage anytime.

Putting forward a point of view that just by focusing on energy consumption, you can save a lot of energy without any impact on your life. For companies with large electricity consumption, saving a few percents of energy means saving a lot of money. For families, perhaps the saving cost of a few dollars per month may not be large. However, if more people pay attention to power consumption, the cumulative energy savings will not be a small figure, which is very meaningful to gas emission reduction. If you have a solar system, it is great for you to know how much electricity the PV system generated and feed into the grid.

Start to monitor and save your energy from now with us!
  • WiFi Energy Meter

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    Energy Monitoring System

    Website: Iammeter is a dedicated Energy Monitoring System developed by us. With this platform you can connect your own Modbus energy meter to it and start to monitor the ... View More
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