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DeviceBit IoT Monitoring Devices

Our professional and premium IoT integration solutions can serve multiple industries and currently have many successful applications in energy and environmental monitoring. Several monitoring systems and related products have been developed, such as energy monitoring system and related Wi-Fi energy monitors/ GPRS energy monitors, solar monitoring systems and solar inverter data collectors, temperature and humidity monitoring systems and internet-enabled temperature and humidity monitors (Wi-Fi/ GPRS/LTE Temperature and Humidity Monitor). These industry applications are connected to many devices and serve a large number of users.

DeviceBit is not only a simple IoT solution provider for monitoring but also serves as a platform to connect end-users, installers/integrators and device manufacturers.
We provide very flexible and customized services and create their own monitoring systems and products according to customer's requirements.

We provide more than monitoring!
  • Energy Consumption Monitor

    Energy Consumption Monitor

    View More You can start to monitor, analyze and save your energy by using the product series of our energy monitor, including energy monitoring system and internet-enabled energy meter. You monitor the electric...
  • Solar Energy Monitor

    Solar Energy Monitor

    View More We can provide professional and smart solar monitoring system and products that can be Networked, Monitored, and Analyzed. As one of the well-known professional IoT solution provider for Solar monitori...
  • Temperature And Humidity Monitor

    Temperature And Humidity Monitor

    View More Nowadays, thanks to the IoT technology you can instantly know what is going on in your home, your garden, your business, or your child's room no matter where you are. This remote capability is particu...
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