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Main Functions of Internet of Things Platform Providers

As we all know, the end-to-end solution of IOT is a huge and complex project. According to its functions, the Internet of Things platform providers can be divided into four types: terminal management, connection management, application support and business analysis.

1. Device Management Platform

DMP platform is mainly used for remote monitoring, setup adjustment, software upgrade, system upgrade, fault detection, life cycle management and other functions of the Internet of Things terminal. General equipment management platform DMP is integrated into a whole set of end-to-end M2M equipment management solutions. DMP platform can provide real-time gateway and application status monitoring alarm feedback, support pre-processing fault, and help users achieve system integration and value-added function development through open API call interface. Data for all terminal devices can be stored in the cloud.

2. Connectivity Management Platform

CMP platform is generally used in the network of operators. It realizes the connection configuration and fault management of the Internet of Things, guarantees the stability of the terminal network channel, network resource consumption management, connection fee management, bill management, package change, number/IP address/Mac resource management, and helps mobile operators to manage the SIM of the Internet of Things better. Operator customers can also manage and control the SIM card independently. Check bills independently.

3. Application Enablement Platform

AEP platform is a PaaS platform which provides two major functions: application development and unified data storage. It is based on CMP platform. Specifically, the specific functions of AEP platform include providing a set of application development tools (most of which can provide graphical development tools, even without the need for developers to write code), middleware, data storage functions, business logic engine, docking third-party system API, etc.

4. Business Analytic Platform

Business analysis platform includes two major functions: basic big data analysis service and machine learning.

Big data service is the platform which collects all kinds of related data, classifies, analyses and provides visual data analysis results (icons, dashboards, data reports); through real-time dynamic analysis, monitors the status of equipment and gives early warning.

Machine learning of platform is to train historical data (structured and unstructured data) to generate predictive models or develop models by customers themselves according to platform tools to meet predictive, cognitive or complex analysis business logic.
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