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Low power wireless reception

The low-power wireless receiving module transmits data remotely through GPRS or short message, which is especially suitable for monitoring occasions of solar power supply and can greatly reduce the cost of solar power supply and reduce the construction difficulty. Tangshan Pingsheng low power wireless receiving module is widely used in meteorology, hydrology, water conservancy, geology and other industries.

The working voltage of the receiving module is 5V, which means low power consumption meter wireless. It is an ultra-regenerative receiving circuit with a receiving sensitivity of-105dbm. The receiving antenna is preferably a wire of 25-30cm and can be erected.

Product function
Communication function: supports dual-channel data transmission through GPRS and short message; Support data communication with multiple centers.
Collection function: collect serial device data, such as serial port meter, collector, PLC, etc.
Remote management function: supports remote parameter setting and program upgrade.

Product features
◆ Low power consumption design with real-time online average current ≤10mA /12V.
◆ Compact size and convenient installation.
◆ The pop-up card slot design eliminates the need to open the device housing when installing the SIM card.
◆ Support various networking modes such as short message, dedicated line, VPN private network, etc. Support domain name resolution.
◆ Support UDP and TCP protocols; Support transparent data transmission.
◆ Water resources monitoring data transmission protocol and hydrological monitoring data communication protocol can be selected.
◆ Support various configuration software and software systems developed by users themselves.
◆ Industrial design, suitable for outdoor harsh environment.
◆ Adopt the data reporting method called by the master computer; It can be expanded to support regular reporting, data change reporting and other reporting methods (the expanded functions need to be customized).

Application field
Low power wireless receiving module transmission is widely used in the fields of vehicle monitoring, remote control, telemetry, small wireless network, wireless meter reading, entrance guard system, cell paging, industrial data acquisition system, wireless tag, identity identification, contactless RF smart card, small wireless data terminal, safety fire prevention system, wireless remote control system, biological signal acquisition, hydro-meteorological monitoring, robot control, wireless 232 data communication, wireless 485/422 data communication, digital audio, digital image transmission, etc.
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