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Laboratory Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

According to the requirements of the laboratory accreditation standards, the laboratory environment should be continuously monitored and controlled, and the traditional temperature and humidity recording method can no longer meet the requirements of the laboratory accreditation standards.

Background and significance of laboratory temperature and humidity monitoring system:

With development of science and technology, there are more and more high-sensitivity test equipment, and all walks of life have higher and higher requirements for temperature and humidity monitoring of the test environment. For example: electrical laboratory, sample storage management, etc. In scientific experiments, most experiments are carried out in the environment with a clear temperature and humidity. The accuracy of temperature and humidity control by the test environment and equipment has a significant impact on the experimental results. For a long time, the traditional way of recording temperature and humidity data usually use manual recording or ordinary ink recorder to draw the curve on the recording paper, but it is large in size and waste time and energy. The paperless recorder can not be used in large scale laboratory because of its large size and high cost. With the development of computer technology, the temperature and humidity in the environment are expanded from simple recording to monitoring and control function, with multiple recording modes and arbitrary recording interval settings. The monitoring system can also work independently offline. When
we need to read the data, the data in the recorder can be read by the computer through the communication interface.

Based on sensing technology, network technology, data management technology and other technologies, the lab temperature monitoring system can monitor and manages temperature and humidity data at multiple monitoring points.

(1)The hardware types of each monitored laboratory room can be expanded according to the need, such as: wired, wifi, GPRS type to increase the number of monitoring points and do real-time collection of temperature and humidity data.

(2)Self-calibration function: according to the requirements of the laboratory measurement management system, the calibration settings of the data display value should base on the display value of the higher precision standard.

(3)The collector uses wireless data transmission to transmit digital signals, and the monitored temperature and humidity data is automatically transmitted to the computer by the receiver. Then, it use temperature and humidity system software for real-time monitoring conduction. The wireless connection adopts GPRS Mobile Iocard and internal wifi of the unit, which is easy to install and requires no drilling through the wall and rewiring. Besides, the collector has the function of independent data storage, which means the temperature and humidity data can still be saved automatically when the computer is closed or the temperature and humidity monitoring software is not opened.After opening the temperature and humidity monitoring software and connecting with the collector, the data stored inside the collector can be downloaded and transferred to the computer for further analysis and processing.

(4)The collector has built-in buzzer alarm function. The upper and lower alarm limits can be set arbitrarily in the temperature and humidity monitoring software of the computer according to the actual needs. At the same time, an external sound and light alarm can be set as required;

(5)The temperature and humidity monitoring software adopts the standard Windows with full Chinese graphical interface to display and record the temperature and humidity values and curve changes of each monitoring point in real time, collect the historical data, maximum value, minimum value and average value of temperature and humidity data, and alarm screen.

(6) The system has an over-limit alarm function. When the temperature and humidity data exceed the set standard, the system will automatically send an alarm signal, and it can also send an alarm message via SMS if necessary.
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