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Lab Temperature Monitoring System

In the laboratory monitoring project, different laboratories all have requirements on temperature and humidity, and most of the experiments are carried out in a clear temperature and humidity environment. In the fields of medicine, biochemistry, instrument calibration, agriculture, architecture and electrical appliances, laboratory environmental conditions directly affect the results of various experiments or tests. Accurate and reliable monitoring instruments are required for each experiment to provide accurate environmental parameter data.

Lab temperature monitoring system fundamentally strengthens the supervision and quality improvement of medicine. Realize real-time display and multiple display, real-time record, long-term storage, timing backup, and rich alarm function, remote network monitoring, strict management authority and the reliability of the original data.

1. Real-time monitoring and multiple displays

The temperature and humidity collection card can collect the environmental temperature and humidity information in real time and upload it to the data collector. Then the data collector can upload the temperature and humidity data to the server. And the manager can select the layout curve, table and report form to view the information.

2. Wireless transmission and a variety of ways

Temperature and humidity acquisition nodes are distributed in the measurement area and measure temperature and humidity data. Besides, the temperature and humidity data are sent to the collector wirelessly on a regular basis. Then the collector will upload the received temperature and humidity data to the cloud platform monitoring software through GPRS, wireless wifi or wired network.

3. Over-limit alarm in multiple ways

The temperature and humidity alarm limits of each monitoring point can be set and the alarm signal can be automatically sent out when the monitoring point data exceeds the limit. The alarm methods include sound and light alarm, mobile phone short message alarm and mailbox alarm.

4. Power failure alarm and timely processing

It can detect the power supply condition in the monitored equipment and issue alarm information by SMS in case of power failure.

5. Historical query and output report

The temperature and humidity historical information of the monitored area can be inquired and the report form can be output in various forms.

6. Application scenarios

The system is suitable for enterprises, scientific research, schools, medicine and other environmental uses of the laboratory.
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