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Intelligent Power Monitoring System on Power Grid User Side

The power grid is composed of "power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and utilization". The "distribution and utilization" is the user side of the power grid, and 80 % of the electric energy is consumed by it. The user side mainly consists of industrial and mining enterprises, construction of buildings and infrastructure.

Intelligent power monitoring system
is the product of the digital and information era. It has been widely used in power transformation and distribution systems of high/low voltage in many fields such as power grid user-side buildings, stadiums, scientific research facilities, airports, transportation, hospitals, power and petrochemical industries. For example, with the development of information technology, intelligent buildings have become an important symbol of urban modernization and informatization.

Intelligent buildings usually has three elements, namely building automation system (BAS), communication automation system (CAS) and office automation system (OAS). BAS is the unity of comprehensive control and management of the whole system. It is based on local area network of computers and is used for operation management, data acquisition and process control of equipment. Intelligent power monitoring system is an important part of BAS. The management level of the whole power transformation and distribution system can be greatly improved by using intelligent power monitoring system, and it can be easily connected with other BAS to form a complete building automation management system. Therefore, the intelligent power monitoring system is an essential component of intelligent buildings. It can be said that buildings without intelligent power monitoring are not intelligent buildings.

The intelligent power monitoring system monitors the working position of high-voltage switch cabinet, low-voltage switch cabinet, emergency generator set, power transformer, EPS/UPS/ATS, etc. Monitoring is realized by recording various parameters such as single-phase/three-phase voltage, single-phase / three-phase current, power, power factor, electrical degree, frequency, state of current switch in real time, and early warning and alarm are generated when parameter values exceed allowable ranges, and related equipment is controlled. With less investment, it greatly improves the reliability, safety and automation level of power supply and distribution system.

The intelligent power monitoring system is composed of smart power monitoring devices, network equipment and computers. The system can adopt different topological structures due to different project sizes, different functional performances, different importance degrees and different user investment levels. However, no matter what topological structure is adopted, the design of layered distribution..." station control management layer - network communication layer - field equipment layer" is adopted. This layered design conforms to the standards of implementation of current communication system, and can relatively complete the functions of monitoring and control at each layer. Remote monitoring and control can be realized, and the functions of this layer and the next layer cannot be affected when the upper layer fails.
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