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Integrated wireless solar energy monitoring monitor

Wireless solar monitoring, one might say, has been around for a long time. But since it is "artifact", it must have the characteristics of "artifact".

Our "artifact" is divided into the receiver and transmitter, and is generally a receiving end is equipped with 4 transmitting terminal as a whole, because we now only have four holes of the receiving end, if you have any more need for monitoring some friend can, we can equipped with more than a few sets of equipment, research and development of our products are, of course, believe in the near future, we will break the difficulties, then can one receiver equipped with N more transmitter.

Our wireless solar monitoring system is designed to address these concerns. What is a wireless solar monitoring system? Wireless home electricity energy monitor is a point-to-point, point-to-point broadband long-distance wireless network transmission equipment. It is based on the universal wireless communication standard, using OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and MIMO (multi-input & multi-output, multi-input and multi-output) technology, supporting a variety of tape block allocation: 10 MHZ, 20 MHZ, etc., effectively reduce system latency, improve the ability to transmit and long transmission distance, more nodes in the network, the system has characteristics of strong anti-interference, data can be transmitted simultaneously Ethernet and RS485 serial port data, such as security monitoring system applies to the forest, and outside wiring difficult, no mains area power supply of the monitor and video wireless transmission, etc.

Compared with the traditional monitor, our solar remote monitoring all-in-one machine has obvious advantages:

First, it does not need to be connected to electricity, as long as there is a place where the sun can get the normal operation. Second, it is not connected to the net. Traditional monitors are connected to the network to transmit video signals, some with WIFI, some with 4G. With WIFI, his transmission distance is close, about 100 meters, and prone to interference, poor signal, easy to be cracked. The transmission distance is relatively long and the signal is relatively good if 4G network is used. However, a supporting base station is needed. Moreover, 4G network is used for transmission, and the traffic is expensive. But our wireless home electricity energy monitor, it USES the brand-new frequency band transmission technology, does not need to transmit through the WIFI also does not need the 4G, the signal is not only stable and safe, moreover most importantly its transmission is free, the transmission range may also achieve the visible distance 5 kilometers. This means that as long as our receiver and transmitter are within 5 kilometers of the eye, we can receive the monitoring picture transmitted from the transmitter at the receiver regardless of where the transmitter is installed. In this regard, our wireless solar monitoring system compared to the traditional monitor is not a "artifact" level?
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