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In-depth Analysis of the Vehicle Tracking System Five Key Parts

1. Active and passive trackers

Active trackers are also known as "real-time" trackers because they send data via satellite or cellular networks that instantly indicate the vehicle's position. Computer screens can show the movement of vehicles in real time. Therefore, if the enterprise wants to improve the delivery efficiency and understand the on-site driving situation of employees, active tracking is the best choice.

Passive trackers are cheaper but have limited data storage, although they are smaller and easier to hide. Instead of sending data to a remote location, passive trackers store information on the device. The tracker must be removed from the vehicle and connected to a computer to view the information stored in it.

2. Battery charging IC design problem

Conventional linear topological battery chargers are often valued for their compact footprint, simplicity, and modest cost. However, traditional linear chargers have some disadvantages, including limited input and battery voltage range, relatively large current consumption, excessive power consumption (heat generation), limited charging termination algorithm and relatively low efficiency.

Switching mode battery chargers are a popular choice because of their topological flexibility and high charging efficiency for a variety of chemically composed batteries, thus minimizing heat and allowing for quick charging with a wide operating voltage range.

3. Power backup manager

A solution that meets the above requirements and integrates power backup manager and charger requires has the following features:
Synchronous step-down topology for high efficiency;
Wide input voltage range for various input power supplies and protection against high voltage transients;
Appropriate battery charging voltage to support GPRS chipset;
It can be easily and autonomously operated by built-in charging termination (without microprocessor);
Equipped with solar data logger with remote data communication, security system, as well as communication and industrial backup system.

4. Heat regulating protection

In order to prevent excessive heat damage the IC or peripheral components, once the chip temperature rise to about 105 ℃, internal heat feedback loop is automatically set lower charging current. The advantage of the thermostat loop is that the charging current can be set according to the actual condition rather than the worst condition, while ensuring that the battery charger automatically lowers the current under the worst condition.

5. The situation of the cold car's engine starts up

When the vehicle is started by a cold car, the application of the car will experience a sharp drop in the power supply voltage. For example, when the cold car is started, the sharp drop in the power supply voltage may lead to the loss of the regulating ability of the high-voltage switch stabilizer, resulting in excessive VC voltage, and thus leading to excessive output overshoot when VIN is restored. In order to prevent overshoot when recovering from cold engine, it is necessary to reset by software starting circuit.
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