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How to accurately monitor the actual power of a power station?

The data collector will get the system running status according to the real-time collected data. This is not only to record historical data, but also to identify the factors that affect the power generation of the power station through data analysis. Of course, when the analysis is in place, there must be a rapid response! Therefore, in order to maintain the operation of the power plant and make it in the optimal state, OPS personnel must actively monitor the performance of the equipment, check the problems, and repair (or fine tune) in time through the monitoring system, so as to improve the power generation efficiency and system return rate. Therefore, the quality of data collection and monitoring system itself is particularly important. This is not only because it will affect the accuracy of power generation data monitoring, but also the assessment and control of the overall quality of the power station.

The traditional off-line operation and maintenance can not get the working status of the power station and its components in time, so once there is a problem, it has to send staff to the site for inspection. It is easy to consume human and material resources and increase operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, the door-to-door service usually needs to make an appointment for testing and debugging, and the whole business process needs cross department cooperation, which is very time-consuming. This is easy to lead to the decline of customer satisfaction and affects the brand image.

If we adopt data acquisition devices, engineers can realize one (person) to many (power station) real-time remote monitoring, online troubleshooting, problem location, etc. through some monitoring systems. In case of emergency, through the work order system, nearby personnel can be immediately assigned to the scene for emergency repair. This not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces labor, operation and maintenance costs.

Through the monitoring of the data collector, the staff can master the working state of the power station more comprehensively. They can deal with emergencies calmly, react quickly and solve them in time. For example, we sometimes encounter a sudden outage at the power station. If the power station is installed with data collector, it can help us to know the information of system outage at the first time, and judge the reason of system outage (usually the failure of a component) from the change of data. Then we send out an alarm and a work order, which is helpful for the staff to quickly locate the problem parts and repair or replace them. In this way, it can avoid the situation that the system is idle or out of service without knowing and losing the power subsidy without any reason.

In conclusion, in order to monitor the operation status of photovoltaic power plant equipment in real time and ensure the normal operation of equipment and devices, some experts suggest that the power plant should be equipped with data acquisition equipment and remote monitoring system. It can not only improve the operation safety, operation and maintenance management efficiency of the power plant, but also increase the generation revenue and asset value. At the same time, it is also in line with the general tendency of gradually refined energy management.

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